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Before you submit anything be sure you have read the Submission Guidelines!

If your review or contest/giveaway fits the guidelines, you would like it to be published in the next Pleasurists weekly round-up, and you are willing to re-post the edition just fill out the form below.

A few reminders (not a substitute for the Submission Guidelines if you haven’t read them):

  • Be sure to re-post the edition (or editions, for contests) of Pleasurists that your link is included in within 7 days of the edition post date.
  • The new Pleasurists will come out every Monday, every submission made prior to Sunday at 11:59pm PST will be included as long as it fits the criteria. Submissions are always open (24/7/365) but any review posted on or after Monday on the week of the edition will be included in the next week’s edition.
  • Only submissions that are adult product reviews or contests will be accepted.
  • As long as your review was not in the previous Pleasurists, fits the review guidelines, and was posted in the week prior (or thereabouts, past 7-14 days is acceptable) it will be included.
  • All contests that are submitted will be included in every Pleasurists until the deadline has passed so you do not have to resubmit contests for each issue unless there is a change to the deadline.
  • There is no limit to the number of reviews per person included in each Pleasurists, but generally more than 7 is frowned upon.
  • If the review is posted somewhere other than your blog please submit the URL to the actual review not to a post on your blog linking to the review.
  • Read 15 Rules for Writing a Sex Toy Review That Doesn’t Royally Suck and think about if your review follows those rules. If it doesn’t, don’t submit.
  • Do you have a particularly awesome photo in your review that you think would be great to be featured on the top of an issue? Click here to submit that too!

Last updated: January 16th, 2012

Further info on the about page and the guidelines page

Happy reviewing!

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