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General Information

Pleasurist Pleas”ur*ist\, n. A person devoted to worldly pleasure. [R.] –Sir T. Browne. (2) a hedonist or sybarite.

Pleasurists is an adult product review round-up blog meant to bring together a large number of reviews of sex toys, sex accessories, book or video erotica, and other adult products every week put together by Scarlet Lotus St. Syr.

The newest edition of Pleasurists comes out every Monday, every submission made prior to Sunday at 11:59pm Pacific Time will be included. Only submissions that are actual reviews will be accepted, though in addition to adult product reviews we also include blog contests with adult product giveaways, allowing you to spread the word of the contest and potentially get more entrants. There is no limit to the number of reviews each person can submit to Pleasurists as long as the review was posted in the week or two prior.

If your link is included you are required to re-post the links, but there is no real regulation or checking system so it is on honor alone. Re-posting is also good for your link karma.

A reminder for submissions will be posted every Saturday morning to catch any straggling submissions for the current week’s Pleasurists, so subscribing to the RSS feed will not only give you the Pleasurists themselves, but also submission reminders.

Editor’s Pick

Each Pleasurists includes swag contests, reviews, and an editor’s pick. The editor’s pick is chosen from the links that were submitted through the submission form prior to the submission deadline.

The criteria for editor’s pick is as follows: the review which somehow stands out among the rest due to the content of the review. A review may be chosen because of the writing style, additional unexpected information, a particularly titillating story, or so on. The editor’s pick is a review that makes the editor desire to own the product being reviewed.

The editor admits that she may have a bias toward bloggers she knows, however, she is aware of this bias and tries to judge each review on content alone, and not who is writing it.