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When Pleasurists was first started the goal was to have a list of new reviews for all those who enjoy reading reviews. Slowly the list has been growing and the more reviewers are included every week so the need for redefined criteria and a slimming of the accepted reviews has come up.

Instead of including just any old review Pleasurists seeks to highlight good reviews, preferably the best reviews that are out there. Below are some basic criteria for inclusion, think of these as loose guidelines more than rules. These are things that generally make up a good review, and things to keep in mind while writing and submitting your review to Pleasurists.

Some general guidelines:

  • Only submissions that are adult product reviews or contests will be accepted.
  • Make sure that you are submitting the correct URL, that there are no typos, etc. otherwise your submission might not be included.
  • If the review/contest is posted somewhere other than your blog please submit the URL to the actual review not to a post on your blog about the review.
  • To be included a review must be new to this edition of Pleasurists, fit the guidelines, and have been posted in the week prior (or thereabouts, past 7-14 days is acceptable).
  • Contests/giveaways will be included in every Pleasurists from the time of submission to the deadline so you do not have to resubmit contests for each issue unless there is a change to the deadline.
  • Re-post the edition on your own blog within 7 days.
  • Read 15 Rules for Writing a Sex Toy Review That Doesn’t Royally Suck and think about if your review follows those rules. If it doesn’t, don’t submit.

For a review to be included in Pleasurists it must fit the following criteria:

  • Proper spelling and grammar.
  • Includes information about material/ingredients (and body-safety preferably).
  • Includes information on the size and shape of the toy (if applicable).
  • Includes information about how well the product works and if it works as it is supposed to.
  • Includes personal experience with the product.
  • Includes information about care instructions (if applicable).
  • Includes packaging information (if desired).