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LELO Giveaway Voting!

April 12th, 2009

Image is a slightly modified version of the header on the LELO Vimeo Group

Remember many weeks ago when I posted about the LELO Toy Giveaway? Well, the last day to enter was on Friday, so now voting begins!

There were 10 entries in total, each of them seriously fantastic! The entries are below. Beneath them is a poll. The entry with the highest number of votes will win themselves the toy featured in their entry! Pretty exciting, isn’t it?

Some of the entries are very long, and I’d like to request that you make sure you look at and read every entry before deciding on which one to vote for.

Since these are anonymous you can vote for yourselves, but if anyone mentions a specific entry to vote for or encourages one above the rest that person will be disqualified as will the entry regardless of how many votes it gets. Feel free to give out the URL to this post and encourage people to vote, but do not specify an entry to vote for.


dear lelo iris:
i’m going to fuck you like
a prowling tiger filled with
pure heat & lust. i’m going to
excite us with mid-day marathons
& all-night-long sweet lovin’.
we are going to be best friends &
fabulous fuckbuddies & exquisitely
connected beings. you will fill me
fully & to the ends of the earth, quaking,
trembling & making me tremble along.
we will make you blush pinker & pinker still
as you probe the deepest furthest spots
which only you can reach. i will ride you hard
& hard & hard & harder praying not to stop not
to ever stop crying words i didn’t know were mine
moaning groaning tossing turning raising fever pitch
unto the sweaty bedroom air dripping dripping drooling
you are drooling you are making me drip i am getting so
close so close so close right there right there all i want is
for you to keep going keep going keep going don’t stop don’t
ever stop & suddenly you are so deep i am calling your name
& coming harder harder harder coming hard coming hard coming.

i can’t wait.

The Perfect Gift (Nea)

She came in the front door, exhausted. It had been a long day, a long week, a long year, if she was honest with herself. Work was piling more and more on her, and while she welcomed the increased responsibility – and paycheck – the added duties were starting to wear her down.

Dropping her purse at the front door, she wandered into the kitchen, wondering what to make for dinner. Her boyfriend was home somewhere, since his car was in the driveway, but she didn’t have the energy to go looking for him.

She started for the pantry, then stopped. Sitting in the middle of the kitchen island was a small, elegant little box, with a bow on top.

She looked around, but didn’t see her boyfriend anywhere, so she moved closer. There was a tag attached to the bow that simply had her name, done in beautiful lettering.

Curious now, and some of her exhaustion falling away, she opened the box to find a black, egg-shaped object with a pink floral decoration. A card inside called it Nea.

Picking Nea up, she turned it over to find buttons on the back, and to find it had a pleasant curved shape overall. Pressing a button, her eyes widened a bit at the strong, but nicely resonating vibrations.


Looking up again, she glanced around, still finding no trace of her boyfriend. Taking Nea, she headed back to the bedroom.

Her boyfriend wasn’t there now, but it was obvious he had been. The lights were off, and the plain room had been transformed. Candles were burning softly on every available surface, her favorite scent perfuming the air. The bed was made with the silk sheets they had bought on a whim months ago and never put on.

There was another tag penned with the silver pen used on the box. Now that she looked, she realized it was her boyfriend’s handwriting, just done with extra care. This one just said, “Undress.”

With a half-smile, she set Nea down on the bed for now. She pulled her clothes off, tossing them aside. The room was just warm enough to be comfortable, and for the first time in a long time, she let herself luxuriate a little in the soft rug they had bought for the bedroom, digging her toes in a little.

She figured there had to be another instruction somewhere, so she looked around, and finally found it almost hidden between the pillows. She had to climb up to get it, and the cool silk felt fantastic against her skin. “Lie down.”

She followed the instructions, and was surprised to find a mirror mounted to the ceiling when she looked up. Her boyfriend had gone to a lot of trouble, and that made her warm inside and out. Another note was taped to the mirror, reading, “Play.”

She grabbed Nea again, and played with the setting a bit more, finding a vibration she really liked. Starting slow, she ran it over her body, hitting all her sensitive spots. When her nipples were both hard and she found herself moving restlessly against the sheets, she let Nea drift down.

It fit perfectly against her curves, hugging her in all the right places, and drawing out a soft gasp. Opening her eyes, she watched herself in the mirror, body flushed, legs spread wide. It made her ache even more, and she undulated against the bed and Nea, until she couldn’t stop the orgasm that had been building.

It raged through her, making her cry out, her body catching fire.

When she finally started to come back down, she shut Nea off and set it aside, smiling. Now she could hear her boyfriend in the kitchen, whistling along with the soft sounds of cooking.

The weight that had been dragging her down was gone now, leaving behind only a pleasant buzz.

Her new toy, and the thought and love behind it, reminded her how good life was. She smiled wider and stretched out, resting up for the next round. Nea was going to get a workout tonight.

Elise 1 – Video

Elise 2 – Image

Click to enlarge

Elise 3 – Need

She leaned wearily against the door as she pushed it closed, keys slipping from her fingers to thud against the thick carpeting in the entranceway. Her bun was slipping, cocoa colored curls sticking out willy nilly, as if they’d been snatched out of the neat hairdo by the wind’s own fingers. “Elise,” she whispered. “I need Elise.”

Suddenly she straightened, grabbed the clip in her hair with determined fingers and wrenched it free, letting the curls tumble as they wanted to, crazy curls that would rarely be tamed. She tossed back that thick, crazy hair and strode, determination bright in her recently tired eyes.

She strode first toward the office, her steps rapid, her movements agitated as she didn’t find what she was looking for.

“Elise. Where the hell are you?” she mutters, as she clawed through drawers, occasionally glancing around the room as if Elise would show up in this corner or that.

“Damn it. The bathroom. She must be in the bathroom” she mumbles as she pivots, stalking down the hall and toward the smaller bathroom. Sweet smelling, filled with female things; gorgeous colors, intoxicating scents, the bathroom was beautiful. A peaceful haven until she started lifting towels, looking under them then tossing them carelessly on the floor. Until she began frantically opening and closing each drawer, rooting clumsily as she mumbled more. “Damn it, Elise. I know I left you somewhere. Why are you doing this to me?”

A hand rakes through her hair, tangling those sinful curls even more as she spins around, eyes flashing, deep in thought, oblivious to anything else. “Ah h. The bedroom. Of course Elise would be waiting in the bedroom….”, she twitters brightly, happily. And she spins once more, fairly dancing her way to the far end of the hall and into the bedroom. That soft, female bedroom, filled with sensuous, luxurious things; the highest thread count sheets, the fluffiest duvet in the most pristine white, pillows that appeared to be miniature clouds come to rest in her room. Silk and velvet and the softest, most whispery cotton. The scent of vanilla and honey with the slightest tang of lemon hung in the air, clung to the bedding, adorned even the scraps of silk and lace she began pulling out of the drawer.

“Elise. Come on now. I know I left you here. I couldn’t have put you anywhere else. Come out now. I need you desperately, you just can’t know how badly I need you, Elise. Please! Where ARE you?” Her voice sounding frantic now as she tosses aside camisoles and slips, lacy panties and barely-there bras, that scent filling the room with it’s hint of heaven.

Anyone watching would have sworn she was crazy, sworn she was searching for a woman in her desk drawers and dresser drawers and bathroom cupboards. Or perhaps a small pet, she could have been searching for a small pet…

Luckily this odd behavior was glimpsed by no one but herself.

And Elise. Who she finally pulled out from between a satiny gown and robe, Elise’s own satin bag having blended right in.

Elise, cradled to her cheek – the soft, velvety silicone caressing that dewy, flushed skin for just a moment like the most tender lover – before she whispered…

“Come, Elise. Let’s go to bed. I need you. Yessss. I need you.”

Elise 4 – Permission

I received the confirmation notification from UPS that a package was received. I was at work but couldn’t understand how anyone could have received it as Marcus was at work all day. However, I was wrong and after speaking to him found out he took the morning off before heading in. He didn’t mention anything about the package but I knew that he was just playing it cool when we did our noon time check in.

As soon as he came into the door, he ordered me to strip and to go to the corner of the room. I followed his instructions to a tee, standing completely naked and bare when he came up behind me, grabbed my wrist and locked them behind me. He turned me around, staring down at me and asked me to explain my behaviour. I wanted to play the innocent act and ask him what he meant. He asked me if I’ve been good and the only response that I could think of was, I have been misbehaving. He pulled the Lelo Elise out of his bag and asked me why would I buy another vibrator when I already have so many. I knew I should of given a simple answer and simply apologize but I couldn’t, it was a Lelo and I had every right to enjoy myself. I took a deep breath and started to say, “It’s not just a vibrator, it’s a Luxury Exotic Lifestyle Objects. It’s a top quality vibrator that is made mostly out of silicone, provides a wide variety of functions, rechargeable” and just when I was going to keep going on and on about how much I love Lelo and the Elise, he put his hand over my mouth and said, “prove it.”

He undid my hands and ordered me to the bed, he handed me the Elise and I quickly turned it on and started teasing my clit with it, slowly circling around while getting a feel for my new toy. I inserted it inside of me and started thrusting it in and out, I was on the brink of orgasm when he told me that I wasn’t allowed to cum. I knew if I continued, I was going to break his order and lowered the vibrations to the lowest level to hold off on orgasm until I had permission. This game continued, for the next 30 minutes with myself approaching orgasms and him denying me. The slick feeling of the Elise was driving me nuts, the vibrations kept tempting to put me over and the feeling of it inside me was getting too much. I was begging him at the point, almost at the point of tears. He would grab my breast, kiss them, bite them while I continued to fuck myself. Finally after asking him to cum, at the brink of tears from pleasure, he said, “you may”.

My orgasm was mind blowing, powerful and I was left shaking for minutes afterwards as he held me. After recovering, he simply kissed me on the forehead and said, “You may keep the Elise, but next time you shop without permission, you won’t be so lucky.”


The steam rose around me as the warm water trickled down my spine. The slight scent of Lavender engulfed me. With a twist of my wrist I shut the water off and stepped out of the shower. Wrapped in nothing but a towel I slowly opended the door and stepped back to take in the view.

The lighting was dark, it took a few minutes for my eyes to adjust. Small vanilla scented tea candles covered the dresser and nightstand. Laying on red satin sheets I see her in the doorway, she comes toward me. Slowly disrobed she lays next to me, her curves touching my own. Her soft, silky pink skin sends a flood of warmth over my entire body. My towel falls to the side, I’m exposed to Lily.

I feel as if I’m being looked up and down, I’m comfortable with her lying next to me. I grab her, she’s warm as I turn her on. Stroking her, touching her buttons, doing everything I can to make her pur. She rolls over my breasts, teasing me. My stomach quivers as she moves south, past my bellow button making her way down to my sweetest spot. My stomach tightens when she hits my clit, my eyes roll to the back of my head. She’s warm, and she’s in my grip and purring like a kitten. I feel every fiber in my body begin to tighten, my nipples hard, my legs tremble as she works me over. Over and over, she fills me. She’s wet and slippery as she makes me vibrate from head to toe, and I feel like I’m reaching the edge. I press her buttons, play with her a little and make her work harder for me. If she wants me to cum, she’s going to work hard for it! My legs start to ache, my back arches and my toes curl as I try to catch my breath but it’s too late, she’s not going to stop until I hit my peak. And I do, and it’s sheer bliss and I slowly come down from it a like a high.

She continues to hum and purr, my fingers slide around her, she’s slippery and warm. I see her face, she’s coming closer to me, her beautiful lips coming to join mine. I open my eyes and the room is black, I look for my Lily. Her beautiful face long gone, I don’t understand she was just right in front of me. Then I look down, and I realize it was all a dream. She’s in my hand, still wet and vibrating…my Lily.

Giving (Ella)

I was still skeptical when he handed me the small rectangular box that afternoon after waking me up from a much-needed nap. I knew what was in it, and I had told him repeatedly not to buy it for me. “It’s extravagant,” I’d protested one night the previous week as he had sat with me on his lap, kissing my neck and patiently rebutting the objections I had voiced between involuntary gasps. It was too expensive, I’d said, and besides, I already had a dildo – a plain glass wand that had served me well for years, and that perfectly suited my specifications: abstract in shape, nonporous, easy to clean, and most importantly, with a knob for a handle that made me feel deliciously subversive in my own way every time I turned the toy around backwards to thrust the thick, unyielding glass against my G-spot.

I’d always had a predilection for inflexible objects, and the glass’ water-warmed rigidity never failed to get me off in record time. Why did I need another toy, I said to myself, especially a softer one? As I had explained to him, sitting across his knees in front of his computer, “I need something to squeeze against – you know this.” He had simply smirked and nodded, remembering how on more than one occasion I’d begged for his fingers in me, and gotten them – and then, moaning and thrashing from his fingertips fluttering against my walls, squeezed them so tightly that he lost circulation for a few minutes afterward.

But his only other response that night was to bounce me a little on his knee, purring into my ear, “But that’s why I think she’s perfect for you.” He mouthed playfully at the side of my neck, the delicate scrape of his teeth on my skin making me jump, then reached around me to point to the description on the screen. “She’s a hundred percent silicone. Not stiff – I know, give me a minute,” he said, cutting off my frown, “ – not soft, just a little bit of flex. Like a spring” – he nuzzled my ear, still murmuring – “so when you squeeze hard around her like you do around me, she’ll push back.”

Letting that idea sink in, he pulled his hand back from the screen, sliding his palm along my stomach, the side of his thumb stroking the bottoms of my breasts. I wasn’t sure if it was the sensation he was describing or his touch that made me shiver – but even so, I couldn’t justify to myself spending nearly fifty dollars on a sex toy.

He seemed to sense that, and continued, “And you know how you won’t let me use your glass toy on you?”

I had nodded a confirmation. “Yeah, I’ve told you; it’s too rigid,” I’d said. “You could hurt me if you moved it in the wrong way.” This was old news, and I wasn’t sure why he was bringing it up.

A smile had spread slowly across his face, a feral sort of twinkle in his eye, and he had laid his cheek alongside mine, looking at the screen as his hand gently stroked the top of my thigh. “Well. With this one,” he’d murmured, nodding toward the screen, “that little extra softness means that I wouldn’t have to worry about it as much…and I would love to fuck you with her, pulling that little hooked curve” – his hand brushed past my breasts again to trace the lines of the photograph on the monitor – “to press and rock and thrust it against that magical little spot inside you that lets you make such wonderful noises.”

That time the cause of the shiver that rippled down my spine was much less ambiguous – both the description and his touch had lodged themselves firmly in my lower brain – and he had simply chuckled, gently cupping my reddened cheek in his palm and giving me a long, smoldering kiss before leading me off to bed.

Now, staring down at the elegant oblong box in my hands, a similar shiver ran through me, unbidden. I still had my misgivings, but his gentle urgings and my own curiosity finally overrode them. I gently lifted the lid and removed the packaging, revealing the abstract curves of a white pleasure object – Ella. As I picked her up, turning her over in my hands, a quiet “ohh” escaped my lips. She was smooth and slightly soft to the touch, but without being pliant – I’d read a lot about the quality of LELO toys in general, and even just holding her weight in my palm seemed to confirm every glowing review on that point, at least.

“She’s beautiful, isn’t she?” he said, breaking my reverie by gently taking her from my hand, tracing the point of her straight end along the inside of my arm as he shifted to sit behind me on the bed, his free hand resting lightly at my hip.

The velvety-soft silicone continued up along my skin, crossing the thin strap of my tank top and dragging smoothly along my collarbone and up the side of my neck before he brought the other, curved end to rest gently against my lips. Always fascinated with the textures of things in my mouth (Freud would have called it an oral fixation) and already intrigued by Ella’s quality, I did nothing to resist his unspoken suggestion, parting my lips around the silicone protrusion, my tongue testing the resilience of the material. It yielded a little, but then held firm, a solid but not uncomfortable presence in my mouth. I noticed that it didn’t click against my teeth like my glass toy did, and I had the strange, brief urge to chew on the springy material.

The thought flew out of my head before I could act on it as he wrapped his arm firmly around the front of my hips, pulling me back against his chest – and making his arousal clear against my lower back. I whimpered, a sound that he had come to learn meant assured compliance, and I could feel the grin on his lips as he kissed the side of my neck, the hand wrapped around my hips sliding down my leg and, with my cooperation, carrying my pajama pants along with it, leaving my lower body open to the warm bedroom air. A bit of gentle pressure to the inside of my knee tipped my legs open, and he began teasing his fingers over my mound, the texture of the Ella still pleasantly occupying my mouth.

He parted me with a single fingertip, revealing the wetness that had been accumulating since I had opened the sleek black box now sitting forgotten beside me on the bedspread. Impressed by how slick I had gotten, he hummed softly, kissing my shoulder, and began slowly stroking his fingers through my juices, moving his fingertips in slippery circles around my clit and teasing the tiny nub of flesh to make it emerge from among the folds at the top of my mound. My legs trembled in response, and I pushed back against him, my inner muscles working in response to the delicate stimulation. It didn’t take long before I whimpered again, reaching up to pull his other hand away from my mouth, pulling it – and the dampened Ella – between my thighs.

He growled playfully at my eagerness, fastening his teeth lightly onto the skin at the crook of my neck and rubbing more firmly at my stiffening clit, pressing it against my pubic bone; it throbbed eagerly in response, and I whined in frustration, my hips shifting in place until, with a decisive movement, he aligned the curved end of the Ella with my entrance, swirling the silky head around my folds to add my natural juices to the moisture from my saliva already slickening the silicone. This time my frustrated whimper was accompanied by a sharper, more petulant buck of my hips, and he obligingly thrust the curved end of the dildo into me.

I arched my back and let loose a startled moan. The sudden presence of an object inside me when I had been clenching around nothing for a few minutes was deeply satisfying, as always, and my muscles immediately clamped down around the curved silicone, causing the angled head to press oh so firmly against the sensitized flesh of my G-spot. I clenched, hard, around it – and the harder I clenched, the more her slight springiness pushed back against my flesh. An indescribable sound spilled from my lips, somewhere between a moan and a whimper – and then, as promised, he began to fuck me with it, pulling and rocking the pleasure object inside me, the delay of motion caused by what little flex there was in the material somehow serving to amplify his movements. The lip at the bottom of the curved head dragged repeatedly over my G-spot, stroking and almost milking it like his fingers would, but then the pressure continued as the flat end of the head smoothed against it – and that was all I could figure out before he began moving it in shorter, firmer strokes and deprived me of any capacity for conscious thought as the pleasurable pressure built at the apex of my legs.

I am fairly sure I screamed – I know I lost my breath – and I am certain from the reddened stripes left on his thighs by my ecstatic thrashings that I clawed him with my nails as I tried to take more of its implacably rocking length into myself, whimpering and crying out until I tensed and shuddered, clenched tightly around the serenely elegant toy while his fingers kept firm pressure on my pulsing clit. After long minutes I finally I collapsed back into his cradling arms, my mouth dry from gasping for breath and the Ella a warm, gentle heaviness where she rested inside me.

After a while, my breathing having nearly gotten back to normal, I mumbled dazedly, “Can we keep her?” Suffice to say, I wasn’t skeptical anymore; that small, rectangular box now sits inside my night table drawer, Ella cradled gently inside her satin bag within it, waiting to answer the feral gleam in my lover’s eye.

Gigi 1 – Alone

If I had a Gigi from Lelo, I would wait until my fiancé is out of the house and try it out while thinking of her.

This is how ….

I put on some slow music. I strip down to my briefs and slide into satin sheets on our bed.

As I think of the deed ahead, my heart begins to quicken in anticipation. My penis starts to pulse.

I turn Gigi on to a slow and gentle pulse and press its head against my body under my testies, pressing it more and more firmly as my heart rate starts to build. I start to get harder and harder. I rub my chest lightly with my free hand and then search for the knickers my fiancé had on last night. I locate them and rub them against my chest. Then down between my legs, across my chest again and to my mouth where I can smell her. It turns me on. I begin to stroke myself gently. It feels good. I want more.

I begin to fantasise, thinking what it would be like for my fiancé to be sitting on top of me in a short tartan skirt, white lace underwear and suspenders. I could tease her with the vibrator by sitting it on my tummy under her clitoris and not allowing her to touch it as she begins to feel its vibrations and as she starts to grind her body into mine. As I think of her sitting on top of me, my body begins to surge with energy.

I start stroking myself with quicker and longer strokes and turn the vibrator so that I can feel its head against the head of my cock. I turn up the pulsing on the vibrator. As I feel it build, I reach into my fiancé’s drawer and pull out her bra and rub it against my body with her knickers.

I reach for some KY and place it on my hands. I rub it into the head of my cock with one hand and begin to rub the head of the vibe with my other hand as if it were my second cock. I use my thumb to work around the head of the vibrator. It is the head of the vibe that will be pressed against my fiancé’s knickers, then directly onto her vulva and clitoris. I feel my body wanting it more and more. I turn the vibe to a constant vibration. My body begins to tense so I slow down. I rub my fiancé’s panties against my chest again. I press her knickers into my mouth where I breeth her in more deeply. It is as though she is with me, masturbating me – teasing me and making me hot. I feel my heart rate pulse. I feel wet. Oooh, I want it now.

I stoke the shaft of the vibrator as I stroke myself. I grasp at my fiancé’s knickers and then hold them on the end of my cock while I pull myself with short gently strokes. I think of her sitting on top of me … wanting to grab the vibrator and press it against her as she becomes vulnerable herself. I press the head of the vibrator against me tighter. I fantasise about the vibrating head, thinking that it will soon be pressed into my fiancé’s wet pussy as she squeezes her legs around it while her clitoris begins to throb. I makes me hotter thinking about her clitoris pounding harder and harder and as she yields to the need to give herself her own orgasm. My cock is throbbing.

I can feel myself about to come. I stroke myself more quickly and then take my hands off to hold off coming. I cannot wait much longer. I need it now. I feel vulnerable. My fiancé’s knickers continue to provide the scent of her pussy. It is all around me. I can smell her with every breath. I feel unable to hold myself. I feel shy but I also wish my fiancé were holding me, watching me as I smiled back at her while my hands go faster and faster. I grab my testies. My body is hot. I push the bed clothes away from my body. I start to pull myself harder again. More quickly. I cannot stop myself. I cannot slow down. I need it. I press the gigi hard against me. I cannot wait any longer. I start to take short breaths as my body tenses.

My hands work hard up and down my cock. My mind takes me back to my fantasy. My fiancé will be lying here very soon as I watch her masturbating – pushing the vibrator into her wet pussy as she grinds her body against the bed.

The feeling inside me is unbearable. I grit my teeth and my body begins to buckle. I think of her body spasming with delight as if she coming next to me. I begin to feel the orgasm. I grasp my fiancé’s undies tightly. I rub them over my chest to my mouth as her scent pushes me into an even stronger orgasm. I then press her knickers into my cock. Her knickers feel satisfying as I come into them. Her scent hasnt left me. My body quivers and I begin to relax.

I think to myself, yes, this vibrator is ready for good times.

Gigi 2 – Sex-capades

Going through my teen years in a small town, I wasn’t privy to the world of luxury sex toys, only jelly and slim-line vibrators. So you can imagine that my sex life with previous girlfriends was quite mundane. After discovering LELO and other amazing sex toy companies, my solo sex life has changed quite a bit. I’ve had the most over-the-top orgasms a girl could ask for. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to give such orgasms to a female partner simply because I didn’t have the right tools (or a female partner). I’ve recently entered into a wonderful open relationship with my girlfriend, and when I go to see her (hopefully) this summer, I want nothing more than to make her come and melt in my hands. If I had Gigi, this is how I see one of our many sex-capades happening.

Wearing either a strap-on, Feeldoe or Share, T would be on top, grinding her wet pussy onto my cock. Taking her pierced lips with my fingers and spreading them, I would place Gigi on her clit and bring her so close to the edge of ecstacy, and pull Gigi away right before she exploded. Repeatedly bringing her to the edge, with my cock and Gigi, we would move to where she would be on her back, and I with my fingers deep inside of her massaging and coaxing her G-spot to the edge once more. This time though, with Gigi still pressed firmly on her clit, I would allow her to come on my hand, which of course I would shove into her mouth and taste her come whilst kissing her deeply.


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